Informing, Designing & Delivering Sustained Change

Making change work for people

At Quo we believe passionately that you can't do change to people

Many organisations report frustration when key initiatives deliver diminishing returns all too quickly.  Participants of programmes start out with the best intentions but quickly revert back to type, often when under pressure. 

This is a natural human instinct.  People are generally more comfortable with things that they are familiar with and habit becomes much harder to break and re-create - especially as we get older!  

Successful and lasting change is not a straight forward thing to achieve.  Quo's view is that it requires the involvement and engagement of people in a managed process which must address their unique challanges and gain commitment to implementation. 

Our solutions are built around a 4 phase process which addresses this challenge:

  1. PHASE 1: Informing change
  2. PHASE 2: Designing change
  3. PHASE 3: Delivering change
  4. PHASE 4: Embedding change


PHASE 1: Informing change

Each individual project that Quo undertakes presents a unique set of objectives, challenges and opportunities.  Our solutions are underpinned by tried and tested methodologies but are ultimately tailored to reflect each unique set of circumstances.

To achieve this we spend time in an initial diagnostic phase, getting to know your unique world by speaking with and observing your leaders, managers and front line colleagues in their day to day interactions.  We also speak with customers independently, run our own mystery shops and analyse any data you may have.

The outcome achieves:

  • An independent view of your organisation - holding up the mirror
  • Insight into behavioural challenges, blockages and opportunities
  • Informed recommendations for change
  • A considered viewpoint on which activity to focus on first in order to create an immediate impact and quick wins
  • Early involvement and engagement of your people - invaluable when it comes to creating a solutions which resonates with them
  • Agreement on the best measures of success

PHASE 2: Designing change

The outputs of the diagnostic inform the content, scope and delivery style of any solution.  Each solution will have a number of critical success factors which need to be addressed in the design phase.  They must:

  • Be practical, novel, relevant to people's roles and with actions that can be implemented immediately
  • Directly involve people (as much as possible) in helping to define any changes in working practices and behaviours which may be required - seeing it and shaping it themselves
  • Create an emotional connection - creating passion and a realisation about the significance of their role and what they can impact
  • Be enjoyable, stimulating and stretching
  • Begin the process of embedding any learning, with follow up activities and a commitment to actions

PHASE 3: Delivering change

The manner in which the solution is delivered will be informed by the outputs of the diagnostic, the number of participants involved, level of role and any logistical constraints.

We run Events (ranging from 25-50 participants),  Workshops (ranging from 8 to 25 participants), smaller Coaching Clinics (5-8 participants) and 1:1 Coaching sessions.  Durations can be anything from a 1.5 hour individual coaching session to a 5 day workshop.

PHASE 4: Sustaining change

Quo place a major emphasis on providing the follow up support that people require to help them achieve and embed change for the long term. 

We believe that people must be able to:

  • Practice what they have learnt in their everyday working environments
  • Address obstacles and challenges which will inevitably arise
  • Celebrate successes
  • Learn from the experience of others and share knowledge
  • Make - and keep - an ongoing commitment to actions

We provide follow up support which enable the above either in the form of individual or group based activities.

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