Executive Coaching

Bringing the best out of leaders

Executive coaching is now widely used across virtually all industries to develop top talent and the performance of leaders. However, organisations can be disappointed when it comes to measuring the commercial returns.

One of the barriers to creating clear cut returns is that executive coaching services can be one-sided or teaching-oriented.  In other words, information or advice is communicated to executives, who are then left to put it into practice themselves.

Often this means that an individual’s behaviour might change in the short term but then - under pressure of work - reverts to type. In short the learning has not been embedded. 

The right coach for long term improvements

Quo's executive coaching consultancy approach delivers results that are sustainable over time, by focussing on two key strategies.

  • First, our executive coaching methodology starts by looking at the motivation and skills of the whole person, not just the work person. We then work to develop and gain buy in to specific goals that are tailored for the individual, but focussed on their role and organisation.
  • Second, we place great store on choosing the right coach for the individual executive. Executive Coaching is a creative and interactional process, and the choice of coach makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of any programme. So right at the start we make use of our assessment tools and applications to help us consider the profile of the individual and carefully select the right executive coach based on the results.

Executive Coaching endorsements from around the world

  • “Quo add value with every campaign, challenging the status quo, encouraging teams to think and act in more effective ways.”  Cliff Burrows, President of Starbucks Corporation
  • “I am delighted to acknowledge the huge contribution that the Quo Group has made to the success of Cancer Research UK” Professor Alex Markham, former Chairman of  Cancer Research UK
  • “Quo assisted me in evaluating and developing my senior team at Johnson & Johnson (DePuy CMW) before implementing a leadership initiative across the International business.   Both projects lead to significant business improvements and the rapid development of key individuals”. Richard Twomey: Johnson & Johnson