Service Leadership

Brilliant service is an asset not an expense

Creating a culture of brilliant customer experience can be compared to achieving a healthy diet and exercise regime. It is effectively an ongoing lifestyle choice that requires commitment, inspiration and the right mental attitude.

When it comes to accepting the lifestyle choice of brilliant service, the impact that leaders create in defining organisational attitude can have a game changing impact.

At the same time the perception that service is an expense rather than an asset is alive and well today and can be found within some of the most unexpected boardrooms.

Many executives find themselves far removed from customer worlds, buried in procedure and cost effectiveness and creating KPI’s that favour the organisation to the detriment of customer relationships.

Quo’s approach to service leadership helps executives to fully embrace the lifestyle choice that is brilliant customer experience. 

Inspiring the lifestyle choice of brilliant customer experience 

The organisations that have created the biggest impact when it comes to delivering world class customer experience find that their leaders share many similar traits and philosophies:

  • They believe that service culture must be nurtured, practiced and reinforced every day
  • They role model brilliant service behaviours, which the front line look up to, admire and emulate
  • They instil pride in their people
  • They are acutely aware of the message they send to people based on their own behaviours, management and feedback style
  • They set the bar as high as customers except it to be (or better still even higher)
  • They focus on solutions rather than blaming customers
  • They develop a ‘reinforcement platform’ (what happens to people when they have performed a particular behaviour) that underpins brilliant service.

Quo have helped hundreds of executives to embrace effective service leadership and to create the conditions in which world class customer experience can flourish. 

The impact of brilliant service leadership

  • Organisations with excellent service leadership and genuine buy in from the top team into the customer experience are up to 3 times more profitable than their competitors
  • Organisations that have raised customer satisfaction have seen a direct impact on sales, with an increase of up to 30%