Leadership & Succession Planning

The critical requirement for effective leaders

In a fast changing and highly competitive world, the requirement for effective leadership within organisations is arguably as critical today as it has been at any time. 

Organisations with the most inspirational and effective senior leaders are often those which also lead the way when it comes to delivering high performance cultures, brilliant customer service and great places to work.   When it comes to appointing the most senior people, getting it right can clearly have significant advantages.  At the same time, as recent history has shown, getting it wrong can have disastrous consequences. 

The demand for more robust succession management

Accordingly, organisations have been seeking more sophisticated ways of reducing the risks and uncertainties involved when selecting and developing their most senior leaders.   With research by Hogan Assessments indicating that 66% of externally appointed senior executives are destined to fail, the hunt for credible internally identified candidates has been on the rise.

Predicting the future 

Assessing technical, people and leadership skills in the 'here and now' is one thing.  But when facing a world of continuous change and evolution, an ability to be able to look into the future is becoming increasingly as crucial.

Over the last two decades, Quo have developed a unique approach to succession planning and the assessment of senior level talent that creates a dynamic analysis of individual potential - not just at the current time, but several years into the future.


Quo's unique ability to understand future human potential has led us to develop a revolutionary and globally unique approach to assessment.  PfAM provides a far more in-depth look at an individual's potential to deal with complexity in decision making, then projects it into the future, helping organisations to make more accurate judgements and predict a candidates potential over the course of a career.

At the heart of this ground-breaking approach is the simple equation of human behaviour:  P = f(AM).  Performance is a function of Ability and Motivation.

  • Using a combination of interviews, exercises, psychometric questionnaires, competency assessments and other bespoke activity, we assess applied capability (the level of complexity at which a person is using judgement and decision making in their current role).
  • Assessing against 8 stages of potential required to deal with complexity, we are able to gauge the person's potential capability (the highest level of complexity at which a person can operate).
  • We then predict future capability - the level of potential capability that a person will possess at any given time in the future.  In other words, we predict an individual's potential at any time in their future career.

Matched against a bespoke cultural assessment against a specific organisation, the insights created by PfAM have been revolutionary in helping our clients to make better-informed long-term decisions about the development of their leadership teams and succession planning activity.

The impact of identifying the right leaders

  • Organisations with the highest quality leaders are 13 times more likely to out-perform their competition
  • Senior Leaders hired from outside the organisation have a 66% failure rate
  • Emotional Intelligence accounts for 85% of ‘Star Performance’ in top leaders
  • Well designed personality assessment can account for up to 40% of a leader’s performance