Managing behavioural change and high performance


Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue, take two thirds less sickness absence are 87% less likely to leave. But most managers still lack the people and behavioural skills that reinforce these advantages.


Demand for effective people managers often outstrips supply. Accurately identifying high potential managers and ensuring they are retained and effectively developed can have a game changing impact on operating performance.


Identifying the front line behaviours that create brilliant service is one thing. How managers bring them to life through every day team interactions determines whether they become habitual and part of lasting change.

Managers who can truly influence behaviour

We have helped organisations to identify and develop world class people managers who:

  • Can truly influence behaviour to bring the best out of the people they manage every day
  • Bring focus, formidable performance and enjoyment in the work place
  • Know when to provide feedback to achieve the greatest impact – catching people doing it right
  • Engage their people in service excellence
  • Know how do deal with underperformance and have difficult conversations
  • Cut sickness & absence levels in half overnight
  • Have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders