Brilliant People Managers

The critical role of managers in reinforcing high performance cultures

The experience of organisations around the world consistently highlights the critical role that managers hold when it comes to influencing high performance cultures and creating lasting behavioural change. 

Getting individuals to do things differently, to go the extra mile and to perform at their true potential is significantly influenced by the day to day interactions people they have with their managers.  

Yet many managers today are appointed almost exclusively on the basis of their technical experience with little or no support provided when it comes to the critical people skills that create world class performance.

Managers managing through behaviour change  

Working directly with thousands of front line managers across many different industries, the Quo Group have helped them to:

  • Understand how to flex their management styles to reflect the key characteristics of the individuals they manage.
  • Understand how to pinpoint the winning behaviours of top performing staff.
  • Have the confidence and know how to have difficult conversations and address the key reasons for underperformance
  • Provide immediate feedback, with a focus on ‘catching people doing it right’ and effective 1 to 1 meetings
  • Coach and reinforce winning service behaviours

The impact of brilliant people managers is significant

  • One of the UK’s largest call centres saw sickness absence halved ‘almost overnight’ after focussing on people manager skills
  • A leading UK insurance business doubled cross selling revenue within 6 months of a bespoke behaviour change plan for their managers and supervisors.  Meanwhile customer Call Handling Time was reduced by 40%
  • A global financial services brand revolutionised the way in which managers tapped into motivation to achieve a record 10 point rise in colleague engagement in less than 3 months.