Improving Sales Performance

Creating winning customer relationships

For many years, organisations have focussed on equipping their people with the technical skills, market intelligence and know how to sell more effectively. 

But in a world with growing demand for exceptional service experience, the ability to create enhanced emotional relationships with customers is where some of the most effective organisations have been achieving a strikingly competitive advantage when it comes to improving sales performance.  

Thinking like customers

Quo design and deliver learning and development programmes for sales teams and sales managers, in both the consumer and business-to business sectors around the world. 

Quo’s approach to improving sales performance management brings a new dimension to traditional knowledge and skills-based approaches. It identifies the winning customer behaviours that create enhanced relationships, directly engaging front line sales people in this process and the developing of a more effective management environment, creating lasting change.

  • We involve sales people in a self-analysis of their sales processes, and in developing an awareness of that experience as seen from the customer’s point of view.  
  • We help sales managers see the connection between the customer’s view and that of their sales teams, and identify the best coaching and feedback techniques that build the environment in which their teams can excel long term.

In essence, we provide sales management training to help companies inspire their sales teams to think like the customer, rather than thinking just about the customer.

The impact of enhanced customer relationships

  • A leading pharmaceutical organisation achieved an increase in market share for 3 major brands after enhancing the relationships its account management teams had with doctors in the UK.
  • A global retailer increased cross selling by over 50% following the successful implementation of a customer experience programme for front line sales teams.