Profiling Behaviour & Personality

A global partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems

For nearly two decades, in our ongoing quest to help organisations identify and develop the best people, the Quo Group have worked in partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems.

Hogan has developed some of the most effective and cutting edge assessment tools used in workplaces today. For nearly 30 years, organisations around the world been using Hogan tools to help them to recruit the right people, develop key talent, evaluate leadership potential and increase organisational performance.

Based on more than a century of research into human behaviour and backed up by some of the most comprehensive analysis and benchmarking available anywhere in the world, Quo have championed the application of Hogan tools in many of our projects.  Our consultants are Hogan qualified and highly experienced in linking the outputs with key business goals and objectives. 

The science of who people really are

Quo use Hogan assessments to help us predict people performance by assessing:

  • the ‘bright side of personality’ – how people relate to others when they are at their best 
  • the ‘dark side of personality’ – how people react under increased strain and pressure and the potentially negative impact on relationships, reputations, risk taking and chances of success  (also known as ‘derailment’)
  • the ‘inside of personality’ – how people’s private motives, values, personal goals, drivers and interests influence what they desire and strive to achieve
  • the ‘reasoning styles’ – how people’s ability to evaluate, problem solve, make decisions and avoid making past mistakes impacts on their potential performance

Hundreds of organisations have chosen to work with Quo in the assessment of their people and Hogan continues to feature as a tried and tested feature of our offering. 

Killer facts from the world of personality profiling

  • The personality and behaviour of senior leaders has a direct impact on front line engagement. (Robert Hogan, Chairman of Hogan Assessment Systems)
  • Only 1 in 3 organisations use validated tools to make leadership decisions
  • Well designed personality assessment can account for up to 40% of a leaders performance (Hogan 2012)
  • Emotional Intelligence accounts for 85% of ‘Star Performance’ in top leaders
  • Internally appointed staff are 3 times more likely to remain with the organisation than external hires (Source Hogan Assessment Systems 2012)

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